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Saying “No” to NaNoWriMo

I know a lot of writers**  who are attempting the National Novel Writing Month challenge, in which writers pledge to write a total of 50,000 words over the month of November. That’s about 1667 words a day.

The goal of Nanowrimo is not, despite its name, to write a complete novel. After all, 50,000 words does not a complete (i.e., market-length) novel make.

The goal is to get people writing. To have writers dedicate their “spare” time to the simple act of creating a fake world and telling a story in it. (I like to call it “written MSU,” where MSU = Making Shit Up.)

And I will not be doing it this year. (Full disclosure: I didn’t do it last year either. Or the year before that. Or, well, ever, actually.)

The problem for me is that Nanowrimo is in November. And November is not a good time for me to take on any project that will take a couple of hours a day, on average.

That may sound like an excuse and you may be wondering if I could not have blocked out the time well in advance, what with the whole “knowing about it a year in advance” thing. The answer is no. In fact, my primary November obligations have been recurring since 2006. These obligations end with performances in the beginning of December and then again in late January and early February. Those performances are not re-schedulable.

If Nanowrimo were held in–oh, let’s say April–I’d be far more willing to take it on. April’s kind of a dead month for me, extra-curricularly speaking. You don’t suppose they’d move Nanawrimo to April, do you?

What about March?


Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Perhaps we need to organize our own NoWriMo.

Or perhaps I just need to put my own ass in the chair (so to speak) and Wri some every Mo. That would probably be the best thing, overall. And far more productive in long run.

What do you think? Does MyNoWriMo roll off the tongue?

How ’bout MyNoWriLi? (My Novel Writing Life)

Yeah, that’d probably be better.

Now, to just do it. (Nike, take me away!)


** Some of them I even know in real life!