Monthly Archives: February 2012

Mr. Right Now by Design

“The spell lasts one night, so indulge your fantasies and, er, have fun with it… er, him,” the gypsy had said. “Cash only and no refunds.”

At sunset I swigged red wine, then concentrated on my list: 6′ 4″, swimmer’s physique, dark curls, bronze skin, grey eyes, 30 years old, sane, intelligent, warm, strong, gentle, big… hands, an amazing touch, passion and heat, a panty-melting baritone, a dedication to my pleasure.  I blew out the magicked candle, completing the ritual.

“Hi, hon,” whispered the spitting image of my Jonathan, taking me in his arms, alive again, sort of… at least until sunrise.


This is my entry in a five-sentence-story contest being run on the Terrible Minds website. Entries are to tell a complete story in five sentence, with 100-word maximum. My entry above has 99 words and, yes, five sentences. I hope you like it.