Word-count watch

It’s time, don’t you think? (OK, you probably think it’s waaaaay past time. And you may be right.)

I’ve decided to take on the method proposed by my online writing guru, Chuck Wendig, for those of us who keep finding reasons not to write our novels. In short, he pointed out (waaaaaay back in February, ahem) that if a person were to write 350 words a day (a piddly amount, really), five days a week  (equals 260 days/year), the result would be 91,000 words. That’s about the length of an average novel these days.

And while this procrastinating chica did not begin back when it was proposed almost 3 months ago, it’s not too late. I’m going top pick up a work-in-progress that I abandoned several years ago at 5,400 words and plow through a first draft.

(If you’re a freak like me interested at all, that’s the equivalent of 15.5 days’ worth of writing at the 350/day pace. Yep, that means that I’ll be starting at the point where I should have been about halfway through March, if I’d started when Wendig laid out the plan back in late February. So, um, better late than never, right? Right.)

When I say “a piddly amount,” it’s true. For instance, this blog post is more than 300 words long, and it only took me about 30 minutes to write. Surely I can buckle down and do this 350-a-day thing.



Look for weird blog posts that may simply be word-count updates. I don’t anticipate posting the early work. (You’re welcome.)

Wish me perseverance, please. I’m a self-doubting procrastinator when it comes to this whole writing thing, so your well-wishes will help immensely.

And your pointed reminders of my decision here (if I should seem to have taken a “let’s pretend this never happened” approach and stopped posting updates) would help, too.

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