645 new words!

Total now: 6511.

Oh, and I did a very broad “outline” of sorts, scrawled on the back of my Fandango receipt for my ticket to see Star Trek 3: Into Darkness** last night. My youngest son, the hubs and I were waiting for the seating to open up on our theater, (first in line!), so I took a minute to write down the overall planned arc of my story, in a cryptic shorthand that I alone can decipher.

It’s an outline only in the sense that it notes some things I don’t want to leave out and also the order in which I plan to present them.

Still, knowing as I did (and still do) how inadequate my jottings are as an actual outline, I felt like I’d accomplished something writerly or authorial by putting on paper somethings I plan to put in my novel. And that feeling? That was a good feeling.

** No spoilers here. Just a definite thumbs-up, from all 3 of us. Loved it!

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