Writing challenge time!

I’ve avoided writing – a lot – until recently, as you’ve no doubt noticed. But I have always looked forward to reading Chuck Wendig‘s Friday Flash Fiction Challenge posts, hoping to be inspired enough to get off my ass and complete one. Errr, that is, to get on my ass in front of the computer keyboard, ’cause I find it easier to write at the computer these days.

This was not always the case, as I used to prefer longhand. It’s convenient, after all, to not need a computer to write whenever you have an idea you want to capture. And I still scrawl stuff down on paper, but it’s gotta be really short and spontaneous.

I think blogging for the last 6 years (at my other blog) has accustomed me to typing my thoughts. Also, my day job as a 9-1-1 operator/dispatcher involves a metric crap-ton of typing information into a computer program… and typing it fast, with no time to handwrite first. Plus my hands get sore if I write too much longhand (probably because I grip the pen/pencil too hard… always have).

But I digress…

This week’s Flash Fiction Challenge didn’t capture me immediately, until I clicked the link to get my own fantasy-character concepts, twice. Clicking it twice might have been a bit of a cheat, but I was underwhelmed by the first 5 suggestions. What the hell, I thought, I’ll try again. After all, I’m the boss of my writing, right? Right!

And the last of my second round of character concepts made me giggle out loud, as my sick and twisted imagination supplied some pretty silly visuals immediately. So I’m gonna give this one a shot.

I’ll post it when it’s done. Challenges are issued every Friday, each with a one-week deadline, and I hope to get it done by then.

As for the prompt that made my brain-gears turn, here it is: A clumsy zombie is doomed to wander the world.

I know! So. much. potential!

Before I get on that, though, I have 350 words to write on my novel-in-progress.

And for the record, it feels amazing to be jazzed about writing again. I highly recommend it.

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