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Miss Jean Louis: so little is known

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The glamorous Miss Jean Louis, famous doyenne of G.I.S.H.W.H.E.S., is an international woman of mystery, who rarely grants interviews and never poses for photographs. She is a cheerleader for those making their way into the ways of the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, encouraging their fledgling attempts to complete items. She is also a keen and snarky observer of the shenanigans some participants have pulled. She maintains a cool distance from the fray, unless her rapier wit and quick disciplinary actions are required. She doesn’t seem to require our admiration, yet one gets the sense that an occasional “Yes, Mistress” would not be uncalled for… or unappreciated.

About her origins, little is known. Her Twitter profile says only that she was “born in a hut in Khor Angar, in the dirt. Midwifed into the world kicking and screaming” (sic), with no further details to feed the hungry minds of her 17.4K followers.

Khor Angar is an African town, located in the northern Obock region of Djibouti. You can find it on the west coast of the Bab el Mandeb Strait. Along with a relatively recent statue to Miss Jean Louis, you will also find an airstrip there.

khor angar satellite view copy

We know nothing about Miss Jean Louis’ childhood, although there are songs sung in Khor Angar about a copper-haired girl child with a green eyes who charmed a storm into calming, thus saving the crops one summer. The song is reputed to be hundreds of years old, but recent visitors there speculate that the lyrics were changed within the last generation or two, perhaps in response to an exploit by our now-famous doyenne. The truth of the matter may never be known, as Miss Jean Louis’ age and date of birth remain information she does not share. So we cannot determine with any certainty if the timeframe of the lyrics change coincides with Miss Jean Louis’ childhood years.

One intrepid Gisher, who has requested anonymity, went to Khor Angar and tried to locate Miss Jean Louis’ parents. Alas, none of the villagers would provide their names or any identifying information about them. Indeed, some of the elderly women of the town indicated that Miss Jean Louis had sprung from the tide as a toddler, with no parents in evidence. Of course, Midwife Zeira, an elderly and nearly blind woman who claimed to have assisted at Miss Jean Louis’ birth laughed at this notion, but declined to offer the name or current whereabouts of either parent. She said only that they were golden-haired and had excellent manners for outsiders, with strange accents when they spoke French.

One can only hope Miss Jean Louis will decide to open up about her early life, perhaps by penning an autobiography. At least 17.4K people be sure to push it to the top of every sort of bestseller list.

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